Anke Tacq

Anke studied graphic design but started making hats 30 years ago, trained by Christophe Coppens supplemented by master classes at home and abroad. About 25 years ago she started her own label, small-scale and mostly custom-made from home. At the same time, she became interested in teaching the craft and passing it on to others, so she has been teaching for almost 20 years now. Currently at Qrios in Leuven, where she also lives.

The hats she designs have gradually evolved more and more into stand-alone “objects” or works of art, where wearability is no longer paramount. She attaches importance to originality, elegance and delicacy in the finish and details and has developed her own style in this respect

The creations from her collections are usually inspired by a story or theme and they are layered in meaning or the structure of the material. In Belgium, she regularly participates in exhibitions and art events.


Materials: Felt, fur, satin, petersham, brooch embroidered with small pearls

Techniques: Blocking, wiring, sewing, cutouts