Introduction and applications of Feutrex stiffener-range in Millinery


11:00 am - 12:00 pm


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Barcelona Hat Days Market
Carrer Junta de Comerç 17, Barcelona, 08001

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Carina Marcon of CdiC Supplies, herself a milliner, is sales agent, distributor and troubleshooter for a range of stiffeners in the textile and millinery sector: The brands are Feutrex, Caritex, Paille, Durtex and Xtra36.

This range is developed by a Belgian company +/- 1960 and has been forgotten due to the decline of the millinery sector around the turn of this century. She picked up this range in 2018.

In this presentation she explains about the different stiffeners, how to apply them on felt, straw, silk and lace and how easy and quick it is to achieve the desired results.

This range is fast drying, not on a water base, does not contain gelatine nor acetone and gives no decolouration. You can touch samples, see how the stiffener is applied and which stiffener is best for which application.

There will be a Q&A at the end so you can clear up any doubts!

You will be able to purchase an introduction package at a reduced price at the end of the lecture or at the Barcelona Hat Days Materials Market.

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