Drape till you drop! Couture silk turban making with Wies Mauduit


9:00 am - 6:00 pm


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Barret Addictes - Sombrereria Mil
Carrer de les Moles, 31, Barcelona, 08002

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‘Couture’ turbans look as if they are casually draped around the head by the wearer with a scarf or a piece of fabric in the spur of the moment. In reality they are carefully prepared and skillfully crafted headpieces fixed on a base. Silk turbans are meant for indoor wear and therefore they are lightweight and breathable. They are hand sewn on a base of Paris/Dior net (or sinamay).
In this workshop I propose to show you step by step how to make such a glamourous, deceptively effortless looking, draped turban.

You will learn how to prepare your base, how to drape silk on the bias and how to sew your turban in an invisible way. One day is not enough to make the complete turban, therefore participants are requested to block two layers of base material on a dolly head beforehand to save time. Ideally this base is made from Paris net, but as sadly this material is no longer available, you can also use sinamay (buckram is not a good material for this).

In the first part of the workshop you will learn to prepare your base and make neat finishings. This will give you the freedom to drape your turban afterwards in whatever style you like. In the second part of the workshop we will start draping and pinning. You will learn how to sew your pleats and will be given several options of what to do with the ends of your bias strips of silk fabric. An explanation will be given of how to line your turban, for those who’d like to do so.

You will go home with the knowledge needed to finish sewing your turban if you have not quite completed it during the workshop.

Each participant will receive several bias strips of silk, enough to make one turban. These are included in the price of the workshop.

Participants must bring:
• millinery head with prepared base
• hand steamer if you have one
• fabric scissors
• all-purpose scissors
• thimble (mandatory)
• needles, pins, tape measure etc.
• thread in different colours
• basting thread
• apron
• notebook and pen

Preparation prior to the workshop:

NB: Please prepare your base well before the start of the workshop to allow enough time for drying.

Cut two squares of material of 45 by 45 cm. Preferably Paris/Dior net, but sinamay will also do. Choose a neutral colour like off white or beige. Cover your millinery head (poupée) in the desired head size completely in cling film, including the neck. Attention: polystyrene heads for wigs sometimes have very small head sizes.

Now wet and block your first layer on the millinery head. Block the square on the bias, with points directed at Centre Front, Centre Back and Left Side, Right Side. Pull well down over the face of the head and at the back of the neck. Pull to eliminate all pleats (or as much as you can) and pin your material at the bottom. Block your second layer over the first in the same way. Secure your material at the bottom with a ribbon or band to hold it tightly against the head. Use a second ribbon to accentuate the nape of the neck as shown in picture.

Let your material dry completely. Give it one layer of stiffener and let it dry again. (For Paris net I use a water based felt stiffener.)

Don’t take your material off the head when you’ve finished, but leave it on and take the head with you to the workshop.

8 hours
First part: 09:00-13:00
lunch 13:00 to 14:00
Second part: 14:00-18:00

Maximum 10 students
Minimum 5 students (the course could be canceled if the minimum is not reached)

Teacher speaks: English, French, Dutch

Price includes VAT. If you require an invoice let us know the invoicing details on the form below.


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