Félix de Martín

Although raised among threads, fabrics and needles, I never thought that my professional life would be a total and absolute dedication to the wonderful world of hats.

It can be said that I am a perfect example that life, if you know how to listen to it, leads you to find your vocation.

I started this adventure called Félix de Martín in 2006, driven by curiosity. I started training in the trade in Spain and Portugal, although my greatest learning, has been and is, the day to day in the workshop.

My curiosity leads me to be investigating every day with new forms, with new materials and ways of doing things. I believe that contributing and transmitting the results of my curiosity is a way to preserve and grow the trade of millinery. To this end, 10 years ago I inaugurated my workshop in Ourense (Galicia) in which, apart from serving clients, we provide training where we try to instill the value and richness of headgear and workshops where other trades can be contaminated with mine and vice versa.

Male Fatale

Materials: Fosshape, Dior net, tarlatana, covered wire, linen and dupion silk

Techniques: Shaping, pattern making, draping, lining, construction of wire structures, wiring and hand sewing