Isidro Camarena

I was born in Geneva and spent my childhood there and also part of my youth. The cultural change to the Andalusia of that time was full of significant contrasts.
Academically, I completed secondary studies and the Bachelor of Pure Letters, as well as three years of university studies.
Professionally I have covered a wide range of disciplines, almost always all of them belonging to the world of creativity.
Photography has been a constant in my life, since I can remember I have felt an almost irreverent curiosity to capture the things of the world as I like to look at them.
For almost casual reasons, I founded a headdress and accessory company that was active for nearly a decade until a couple of years before the health crisis. Now, for a few months I am struggling to return to the world of the hat that, like photography, I can label without fear of being mistaken as an obsession with poetic connotations.
In childhood I observed that people with hats are not like others. Later I learned that it was only because of the hat itself, which is an instrument of an advanced civilization.

Little Winter in London

Materials: Sinamay, English check fabric, wire, three buttons, a feather, a mink topi, thread.

Techniques: Blocking, wiring, machine and hand sewing and feather dyeing.