Mariëlle van der Schrier

The ‘Crowning’ of yourself plays a central role in Mariëlle’s work. Knowing who you are and daring to show this to the world.

Mariëlle gives expression to her inspiration which is connected to timeless dimensions such as space, lightness, transparency and playfulness.

Through the exploration of the limits and qualities of the materials that Mariëlle works with and through, as it were, ‘listening’ to the materials, new objects and creations grow and evolve organically. By adding more layers to her work, a deeper meaning becomes visible.

Mariëlle’s specialization is working with knits, which she develops together with Nicoline Reinders. Nicole makes the knits and Mariëlle then makes them into new creations. The materials that they use are predominantly sustainable, such as bio-based, bio-produced or recycled materials.


Materials: 100% Wool, Nylon thread, Metalwire

Techniques: ’Fully Fashioned’ knitting, felted and stichted metal-wire by sewingmachine