Santiago Egurbide – Lanbroa

I started my journey in the world of hats, by chance, in 2010, after training in pattern-making hats, motivated by a great teacher and inspired by the fabrics, lace and clothing from the 19th and early 20th centuries that I collected. At that time I made historically inspired hats, participating in historical re-enactments and exhibitions complementing clothing of the time.
This led me to immerse myself in training in various techniques of artisan hat making, opting to some extent for hat making for parties, shows, as well as popular events, without giving up making hats for more everyday use…
This passionate journey has led me to be completely abducted by the creation of artisan felt and its modeling accompanied by silks and organza dyed with natural dyes, ecoprint and silk paints… like the piece that you can see in this exhibition.
The game of textures and volumes is my motivation….
Sharing this experience with colleagues from the world of hat making is enriching and a pleasure, and for this I think the work we do through the Spanish Millinery Association is important.

Itsas Uhinak/Olas del Mar

Materials: Hand-painted natural silk organza, Australian merino wool, sequined tulle, millinery wire.

Techniques: Nuno felt, creating transparent parts of organza and opaque parts of felt, playing with the natural volumes that organza forms when manipulated.