OVER THE TOP: selection committee

Marianne Jongkind
Author of the popular how-to book “Hat Couture” published in 2020, Marianne Jongkind has been making hats for 60 years, always displaying a sophisticated sense of design and an incredible technical talent. She has made hats for Haute Couture designers both Dutch and international and her recent collaboration with designer Ronald van der Kemp has seen her hats paraded in the Paris runways.
In 2002 she was appointed a Knight in the order of Oranje-Nassau by Queen Beatrix for her 40 years of contribution to millinery.

Silvia Ventosa
Sílvia Ventosa holds a BA in Philosophy and a Ph.D. in Urban Anthropology. She has worked as a museum curator since 1985, and is now a textile and fashion curator at the Barcelona Design Museum. She has curated a number of exhibitions. Among others, the permanent exhibition at the Barcelona Design Museum, Dressing the Body. Silhouettes and Fashion 1550-2015.
She was co-curator of the “Balenciaga, the elegance of the hat” exhibition.

Carles Martí
Well known for his amazing straw braid stovepipe top hats, Carles Martí is a craftsman and designer.
He began his design studies at the Escola d’Arts i Tècniques de la Moda in Barcelona, and afterwards specialized in millinery at the Atelier-musée du Chapeau de Chazelles-sur Lyon in France.
In 2012 he was awarded the Master Craftsman award in millinery.

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