Vlasta Šuhajdová

Graduate of Pedagogic faculty of the West Bohemian University in Pilsen specialized in art culture. Since 2001, I have been working as a librarian of the Educational and Research Library of the Pilsen Region as the head of the department of foreign libraries.

I have always been involved in art techniques, especially ceramics. In Spain I studied Chinese ink painting and calligraphy. I am dedicated to sewing and transforming all kinds of materials, including promotional banners and other unnecessary scraps into useful things. I am currently engaged in the production of jewelry, which I manually model from wax or cast in my own molds.

I have been making hats since 2018, after completing a course with Czech milliner Hana Škorpilová, who taught me basic techniques and production processes. The production of a hat is a complex, almost sculptural work that cannot tolerate any flaws. The hat is the crown of the outfit, and therefore it must be as perfect as possible and thought out down to the last detail, including the link to the jewelry, clothing and type of wearer. In addition, it integrates many crafts, I like to combine different materials and textures or connect individual techniques. I regularly take part in millinery competitions in the UK and USA, with success being 1st and 2nd in the Lincoln Millinery Competition in the UK.

Life on the water surface

Materials: Heatformed plastic, silver wire, artificial pearls, color plastic branch and decorative bird. Freeformed without hatblock.

Techniques: Only heating and gluing