Small straw beret with free-form trim by Lauren Ritchie


10:00 - 7:00


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Barret Addictes - Sombrereria Mil
Carrer de les Moles, 31, Barcelona, 08002

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Create a small button or beret shape from parisisal straw. Learn blocking techniques and how to wire and finish the base shape. You will create a trim from the leftover straw and learn how to wire and create a quality edge using a starbright braid.

Skill level

What will I be learning from this project?
• How to block a small shape in parisisal straw
• How to finish a blocked beret shape with wire and petersham ribbon
• How to use wire to support shaped trims
• How to finish a straw edge with a braid


Materials (can be purchased at the Materials Market)
• 1 x Parisisal Cone
• 0.5m x sinamay matching the colour of the cone
• 0.7m x 25mm Petersham matching the colour of the cone
• 3m x 9mm Starbright braid (or similar) – will form the finished edge of trim tonal or matching to the cone is best
• 1m x Millinery Wire 19 Gauge (Standard firm)
• 0.5m x 24 gauge fuse wire
• 3m x Paper Covered wire
• 0.6m x Millinery Elastic
• Thread matching to cone and braid
• Wide tip marker matching the colour of the cone
• 1 x metal comb 45mm

• Small cocktail-size beret/button block (please let us know in the form if you will require to borrow one, as there is limited availability)
• Blocking pins
• Water spray
• Stiffening brush
• Wire cutters
• Straw needle

8 hours:
1st part: 10:00-13:00
break: 13:00-14:00
2nd part: 14:00-19:00

Price includes VAT. If you require an invoice let us know the invoicing details on the form below.


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