Veil dyeing and dotting demo – Nina Pawlowsky in ENGLISH and SPANISH. 5 April 16:00-17:00


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IN ENGLISH and SPANISH. FRIDAY 5 April 2024 from 16:00 to 17:00

You want a dotted veil in a custom color? Do it yourself!
Learn how to dye a veil without it losing its structure and how to add dots made of chenille or dupion silk, designing the motif of your liking. Master millinery craftswoman Nina Pawlowsky will guide you through the process, which you will be able to see in detail on a big screen. You will also be able to see the materials first hand. You will see how to prepare the veil, the dye, the chenille and the raw silk and how to apply the dots on the veil.
You will get the instructions and you will be able to ask any necessary questions so you may do it yourself.
Approximate duration: 60 min
Languages spoken by Nina: Catalan, Spanish, English and German. And a bit of French.
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